DP Motorsport unveils 964 Classic RSR kit

Since their days producing lightweight bodywork for Kremer Racing in the Seventies, DP Motorsport have been intrinsically linked to the 2.8-litre Porsche 911 Carrera RSR’s shape.

Now, thanks to DP Motorsport’s latest replica kit, 964 owners can duplicate the famous wide-bodied, ducktailed look as the ‘964 Classic RSR’ build includes a host of parts designed to evoke the classic motorsport 911.

As well as the obligatory flared rear arches, ducktail spoiler, and deep-chinned front bumper, Ekkehard Zimmerman’s concern can also provide the 964 Classic RSR with a choice of engine options, a 300bhp 3.6-litre unit, or a 320bhp 3.8-litre motor being available.


Inside, DP’s signature 935-style ‘lollipop’ seats, lightweight carpets, and a MOMO Prototipo steering wheel greet the driver. The car sits on 15-inch Fuchs (9-inch wide at the front, 11-inch at the rear), with adjustable Bilstein suspension utilised, ensuring its handling is as good as its looks.

The total cost for the bodywork, interior, wheels, suspension, and sports exhaust comes to €27,147.47 (including Germany’s 19 per cent VAT rate). As ever, it looks stunning and, with DP Motorsport carrying out the work, you can be sure the quality will be first-class.

To find out more about DP Motorsport’s truly astonishing work, our behind-the-scenes company profile should be your first port of call. Thanks for the photos goes to Patrick Zimmermann. Enjoy:








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