DP Motorsport unveil ‘the last project of Ekkehard’

Ekkehard Zimmermann RSR front

DP Motorsport has unveiled its latest lightweight Porsche 911 at Essen Motor Show, with Total 911 bringing you these exclusive first photos of the car touted to be founder, Ekkehard Zimmerman’s ‘last project’.

Zimmermann founded DP Motorsport in 1973 after producing lightweight fibreglass bodywork for the Kremer Racing Porsche 911 2.8 RSR and, with racing 911s playing such a large part in DP’s history, Ekkehard choose to base his build on the fabled 3.0 RSR of the mid Seventies.

In true DP style though, rather than produce an accurate replica, Ekkehard has chosen to improve and redesign the RSR concept in order to produce the ‘Super RSR’. Here at Total 911 we think he has certainly achieved that.

Ekkehard Zimmermann RSR left

A 930 3.3-derived engine powers the 950kg car. The block has been bored out to 3.5 litres and, with a lightweight flywheel and high-lift cams amongst the modifications, turns out 353bhp.

A 915 five-speed gearbox, modified with DP’s own quick-shift kit, has the job of transmitting this power to the wheels. And what wheels they are. The car rolls on 9×15-inch Fuchs at the front, with 13×15-inch versions at the rear, shod with semi-slick Michelin TB5 rubber.

Inside, the ‘lollipop’ seats are a nod towards another of DP Motorsport’s past motorsport successes: the Porsche 935 K3 (a winner at Le Mans in 1979, and featured in issue 105 of Total 911).

Ekkehard Zimmermann RSR logo

As ever with Ekkehard Zimmermann’s firm, this Porsche 911 RSR evocation is beautifully turned out, with thanks going to Patrick Zimmermann for the photos.

Keep an eye out for a full feature about Ekkehard’s awesome ‘Super RSR’ in a not-too-distant issue of Total 911.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about DP Motorsport’s history, and what the Eighties tuning giants are up to now, why not check out our company profile from issue 107, available to from the Imagine Shop.

Ekkehard Zimmermann RSR right

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