Great roads: B258, Eifel region, Germany

The 258, also known as Bundesstrasse 258, is a German federal highway that runs over a distance of some 90 miles, from the city of Aachen to the village of Mayen. In the main, the route crosses the beautiful green German Eifel region from its northwest corner to the southeast part.

Leaving Aachen, the road first runs south along the Belgian border. Along this section you will find a 1.5-mile strip near Roetgen where this German highway crosses into Belgian territory. Interestingly enough, this road has no connection to the rest of the Belgian road network and the only notice of the border crossing is a small sign simply reading ‘Belgien’ (Belgium).


After this the 258 runs through Monschau, Schleiden and Blankenheim, where it starts to follow the Ahr river downstream, until it leaves the river again at Müsch. The Ahr Valley, home of some beautiful scenery, is well known for its German red wines. From Müsch the road leads you by the infamous Green Hell, also known as the Nürburgring. Of course it’s possible to hop onto the ‘Ring to do a couple of laps because it’s open to the public most days of the year.

Parallel to the Nürburgring’s long straight, along the 258 on a section called Döttinger Höhe, you’ll find one of Germany’s most famous gas stations along with their hotel and restaurant. Take a look inside the gas station and discover one of the most impressive model car collections you’ll have ever seen. And yes, they are all for sale. The hotel and gas station have been there since 1927 when the ‘Ring officially opened and the owners can supply you with any info you need and can tell you a good story or two about the infamous racetrack for good measure.


The only downside to the 258 is the many speed traps along the route, but with a good eye or the right device these can all be spotted well in time. Apart from that it’s a great, curvy road to drive with many points of interest to discover, particularly on early mornings when there isn’t much traffic to be found at all. Especially coming from the southern Netherlands, this is the road to choose to find your way to the Nürburgring.

 Location: Eifel region, Germany
Latitude: 37.3417° N, 121.6431° W
Length of drive: 146km
Points of interest: Nürburgring, Ahr Valley wineries and vineyards, Ahr Valley hiking,
Döttinger Höhe gas station
Food and accommodation: plenty in Nürburg

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