Awesome Porsche artwork from Jochen Paesen

Here at Total 911 we like to think we are purveyors of fine visuals. Therefore, these prints from German artist, Jochen Paesen definitely float our aesthetic boat.

Based in Munich, Paesen creates his masterpieces on top of his regular full-time job and his output has been so impressive he has recently started taking on commissions from Porsche owners.


Taking inspiration from the plethora of photos he takes (did we mention he’s also quite handy with a camera?) Paesen’s artwork is available large prints, greetings cards, and even iPhone cases.

For more information, visit www.jochenpaesen.com where you can browse his current range, including the awesome 1970 Le Mans-winning Porsche 917K. If you fancy adorning your walls with a print or two, www.jochenpaesen-shop.com is your required destination.

Porsche 356_Paesen

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