Australian police force proves that panda cars can be cool

Normally, police cars are pretty mundane. If your local constabulary is anything like ours, the officers will be driving around in a mix of boring Euro hatchbacks and a few German saloons.

That is, of course, unless your local force happens to be New South Wales Police in Australia because this is the latest addition to their fleet.

Yes, it’s a brand new Porsche 991 Carrera, complete with lights and blue-and-white police paint job (the latter designed in collaboration with competition entrants from NSW University and local high schools).

Police 911 side

NSW natives can wipe the sweat off their brows though because this particular Porsche 911 won’t be going into active service as a pursuit vehicle. Instead, like a lot of supercars in police liveries, this particular 991 Carrera will be used by the force to improve public relations.

“Although the 911 might make an ideal Police response car in some people’s eyes, the true value of the sporty Carrera in police decals is that it will draw attention and curiosity with younger folk especially which is exactly what we aim to achieve,” NSW Police Force Superintendent, Alan Sicard explains.

The new 991 Carrera has been donated to the force by Porsche Cars Australia as part of an ongoing partnership between the two parties. Porsche will retain ownership of the car, with NSW Police simply paying for fuel and road tolls.

Polica 911 rear

Replacing a Panamera, Sicard hopes the switch to Zuffenhausen’s iconic sports car will help “up the ante to become an even more effective means to enable social dialogue.”

Basically, this Porsche 991 Carrera will be paraded at numerous community events throughout the Australian state, helping the police force build relationships with locals. We certainly can approve of that.

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Police 911 behind

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