997 Sport Classic photoshoot

Porsche Cars GB had a 911 Sport Classic in the UK for just one day and Total 911 was one of a select group of journalists invited to drive it. Here is just a handful of our photographs. There’ll be a full feature in the magazine very soon. Suffice it to say, it was a true thing of beauty and we were honoured to spend time with it. Apparently, 32 cars have been sold in the UK, but we suspect they’ll rarely appear on the road.



Comments (9)

  • Very Very cool!

    I love the “Duck Tail” homage to the 1973 RS!

  • John Boggiano

    Not loving the colour. If that’s what one would call it.

  • John Boggiano

    So very expensive, though…

  • Colour actually works for me. I imagine it’s quite conservative in the flash.Wheels and ride height all looking very ‘Tech Art’. Hows does duck tail affect the view rearwards?

  • You don’t see it.

  • Every Time I look at this thing I love it even more!

    How can you NOT love the “Fuch” style wheels!

    Phil, Im soo jealous that you got a chance to review this badboy!

    ///*(YEAH!, seriously!; “Fuch” wheels!) Fantastic!

  • Nino

    Looks awesome! First time I’m diggin the LED tail lights. The rear of the car is the best angle. There is a lot of eye candy there. The spoiler, bumper cover, exhaust,911 Sport Classic lettering. Color is fine with me! They should re-think the black Fuchs wheels b/c it makes it seem like someone bought a cool Porsche and put aftermarket wheels on it! My favorite 911 right now though!!

  • Aris Mantzoros

    i was subscriber for downloading magazine 2 years ago for TOTAL911 but issues stopped at the end of 2008 and my subscription did not fulfilled ?

    Can you pls advice


    Aris Mantzoros

  • Hi Aris

    I’ll get someone to contact you about this.