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  • Howard

    I’m missing the orange targa already! 😉

    Seriously, nice pics! Where did you go?


  • I’m missing the Targa roof but not the colour! The photos were taken in Cumbria.

  • Andrew

    Not to be a nit-picker, but does anyone else here agree that the taillights on the gen. 1 997 are better looking the gen. 2?

  • John Boggiano


    I always thought the rear lights on my 997 Mk l GT3 were really jewel-like, without being overstyled.

  • Andrew

    Hey John! Enjoy that GT3, I’m lovin’ my Targa this time of year!! 😉

  • I think the 997.1 tailights look better. I felt the 997.2 tailights are a stylistic downgrade that rate somewhere alongside the Nissan 350/370Z. I hope this is part of an evolution towards something even better. Maybe it will grow on me? I wish they would go back to the wrap around tailight of the 993.