30 of the best collector’s Porsche 911s

It’s quite a nice position to be in, isn’t it? To be able to drive and enjoy your coveted 911, safe in the knowledge that as long as you’ve chosen well, it’s not likely going to owe you anything for the pleasure.

It’s a position everyone yearns for when it comes to motoring, more so in exotic circles as the numbers are simply greater. However, in many cases of the 911, that hallowed time is upon us and it is now possible to drive your own slice of 911 history – motoring history, even – and make some money on it at the same time.


Let’s make one thing as clear as possible first, though: Total 911 does not condone buying Porsches and simply hiding them away in a collection.

No, we advocate the need for a Porsche 911 to be driven exactly as Butzi intended; regularly and with flair. However, with a little knowledge, planning, and application, it’s possible to use the market to ensure your next 911 purchase has the added luxury of being an exhilarating drive and a sound investment.

Without further ado then, here’s our top 30, from right across the 911’s illustrious half-century of history…

Porsche 911 2.4S

The 2.4S is possibly the ultimate driving experience for anyone wishing to really understand the classic Porsche ethos. The simple, clean shape is devoid of wings and nicely understated, carried over to the interior. Some call it spartan; we prefer ‘purposeful’.

The 2.4S was launched at around the same time as the mythical 2.7 RS, with the same upgrades as the rest of the range that year, with black trim around the lights and grilles, and deletion of the confusing oil-tank filler cap.

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