20 of the best collector’s Porsche 911s

What a difference a year makes. In issue 126 we presented you with 30 cars for a variety of budgets that would make for a good investment in 2015. As you’ll find out on page 32, we were right in almost every case as values increased from right across the entire 911 portfolio.

If you made the plunge as either a serial Porsche collector or an enthusiast with some spare cash, the chances are your investment has so far served you very well indeed.

For 2016, however, the outlook is somewhat different. The market has slowed as values have levelled out, casting a modicum of uncertainty over what is likely to happen next.

“Some cars that have overheated may come back down again in value,” says independent specialist Paul Stephens, while Mark Sumpter, owner of Paragon Porsche, says, “Originality and perfect documentation is more important than ever.”

White 1971 Porsche 911E

It’s far from doom and gloom when it comes to the Porsche market, though. This slowing of values has seen speculators weeded out as they move back into art and wine, which means these beloved cars are once again finding their way to those that cherish them most: the enthusiasts.

Besides, the rate at which values were increasing has slowed, but there are still gems out there to be had – models which, until now, may have avoided the limelight at auctions and specialist dealer forecourts around the globe.

More to the point, there are models of the Porsche 911 out there that you can still actually drive and profit from, a veritable silver lining for the true Porsche enthusiast.

That’s because, whereas 2015 was the year of the poster car, where great excess was perpetually lavished on halo models from the 911’s 53-year history, 2016 is to be the year of the underdog.

Porsche 993 C2S

As prices of popular Rennsport and GT cars have accelerated away, a chasm of disproportionality has been left in its wake when compared to the everyday icons in the 911’s repertoire.

Now that the widespread appeal of any Porsche 911 has, at last, been truly recognised by the wider public, attention is being turned to the cars that represent outstanding value for money rather than pure investment potential.

“The best way to look at it now is ‘Where is a safe place to put my money?’ and ‘What cars can I take out and use and not worry about my investment?’” Paul Stephens confirms. With that in mind, here are the 20 key cars that Total 911 is tipping for glory in 2016…

To find out which 20 cars made our list of the best collector’s Porsche 911s in 2016, pick up Total 911 issue 140 in store today. Alternatively, order your copy for home delivery, or download it to your digital device now.

Porsche 991 Anniversary

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