Porsche 991 GT3 resale market bursts into life

Having been released to customers just last month, new Porsche 911 GT3s are already hitting the classifieds with a number of the 991-type cars recently listed for sale at a variety of UK Porsche specialists.

The cheapest, at £123,900, is this white offering from Hertfordshire-based dealer, JZM Porsche. The GT3 specialists are selling this example, with 950 miles on the clock on behalf of the current owner.

JZM’s 991 GT3 originally cost the owner around £110,000 however, that still leaves the current sale price nearly £14,000 above the list price for a similar brand new example from Porsche.

JZM 991 GT3 interior

This is due to the waiting times currently facing potential customers. Depending on which OPC you talk to, the GT3 waiting list is huge, with some dealers having already closed their order books on the car.

“You’re probably going to be paying over [the list price] on these for around the next six months,” JZM sales assistant, Robert Pickering says. “But there are cars trying to sell at £130-140,000 and that’s way too much. We think this [example] is sensibly priced.”

By paying the premiums currently seen on the second-hand 991 GT3 market, you can ensure that you are able to immediately enjoy the experience of owning what is potentially one of the best 911s to date.

JZM 991 GT3 rear

Porsche will honour the remaining time left on the warranty of JZM’s Porsche 991 GT3, with the car also including the aforementioned front lift package (ideal for city based customers).

Customers interested in JZM Porsche’s 991 GT3 are advised to book an appointment to view the car, as it is currently not stored at their showroom in Kings Langley.

Elsewhere on the 991 GT3 market, Official Porsche Centre Swindon has recently listed a similar Carrara White car for sale at £131,950 with just 85 miles on the odometer.

Other low mileage ‘new’ 911 GT3s include a Guards Red example from Hamilton Grays, priced at £124,950. Featuring the Clubsport package, this car comes with just delivery miles on the clock.

JZM 991 GT3 wheel

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