End of the road for the Porsche 911

Porsches cites the decision on dwindling sales of the flagship sportscar as buyers favour the larger Cayenne and Panamera, especially in the important emerging market of China. “We can no longer rely on the European and North American markets,” claims Porsche spokesperson Avril Sciocco. “Asia is the future and they want large cars over there.”

Development of the all-new 998/991 model, which was due to appear next year, has been shelved and instead the current 997 shall soldier on until 2013. Instead of a final bow-out limited edition 911, Porsche shall produce an ‘Edition 911 50th’ Panamera to celebrate the end of 911 production – further proof that Porsche wants to be seen as a producer of larger cars.

However, 911 fans should not give up hope just yet. A number of parties are interested in taking over production of the iconic sports car, rather like Caterham did with the Lotus Seven. These range from US-based SharksWerks to UK-based Autofarm, and even electric-car maker, Tesla. As yet, though, Porsche has not commented on such plans.

And will this shock news affect Total 911? “Of course not,” says editor Philip Raby. “With 50 years of history, there will always be plenty to write about and, besides, I’m confident that someone out there will take over 911 production. In fact, I’m tempted to do it myself – I could easily build the cars in my garage.”

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  • Gosh – truly shocking news. It’s done quite well for them, the 911. At least they’re celebrating it in style, with the Panamera 50th.

    If you buy the production line up, Phil, I’ll give you a hand: maybe consider your first production expansion, to the West Midlands? Send up CKD kits and I’ll pin ’em together. Soon as I’ve got a garage.


  • Sav

    This has got to be an April Fools joke, no?

  • haligator

    Probably April Fools, but would never be an issue if they’d go back to air cooled engines.

  • Rui

    April Fools joke!
    911 is PORSCHE!

  • Stop taking the piss! 😀

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  • Ray

    This is a good one for April 1st….LOL

  • definitely an April fool’s. Why else would you kill THE most conic car?

  • rich

    Actually I heard that the exisiting tooling will be sold to a 3rd party who will manufacture the car in asia under a different model number.

  • Leo

    I’ve owned four of them throughout the years-been around cars since I was five and have worked on them and in the Atomotive Industry…for the money, there is nothing safer, faster and sexier than the 911…I like diferent models for different reasons…the older ones for the styling and air cooled horsepower, the 996 for the sheer balls to the walls exhilaration, handling, sexiness and acceleration-the car practically drives itself!!
    It’s a sad (April Fool’s) day…

  • Steve

    Not Funny!

  • April Fools. Good try Phil.

  • John

    If true, Posche might be making the biggest mistake in Automotive History!

    I have had the “pleasure” of owning seven 911’s. I have never owned or ever wanted to own any other model. Of course, I’ll keep the two I have left, but I will not be buying any more NEW one’s.

    Hey, Porsche, can you spell – FERARRI ?

  • I just joined this web site when I read the bad news I got very sad . I am a Porsche guy since 1988 ,3 911s ,1Boxter S now my every day car is a 997 which I love . Next I have my eye on the 2012 Turbo . I hope this is an April fools joke besides porsche is about racing first then selling cars . I hope……..

  • Also one more thought The 911 is an Icon Rock Star. I dont think the people at Porsche want to mess with that.

  • Stefanos

    Hahaha……famous last words, but remember all the past captains who uttered them, ultimately went down with the ship as the 911 watched from dry land

  • T. Newb

    Phil – Definately not funny! But you sure did get us going for a fraction of a second… LOL

  • pratul chaudhari

    First of all you spell it right. Its FERRARI