World exclusive: new 991 Turbo revealed can exclusively reveal first pictures of Porsche’s new Turbo model. The 991 variant enjoys a power hike to 520hp from its direct injection 3.8-litre engine, with the Turbo S, also revealed this morning, serving 560hp. Both the Turbo and Turbo S are offered with PDK only.

The 991 Turbo S is released in tandem with the 991 Turbo

The Turbo will feature a new all-wheel drive chassis with adaptive aerodynamics and active rear axle steering. The all wheel drive system is enhanced with an electronically controlled and activated multi-plate clutch to help deliver power to all four wheels. The rear axle steering is similar in nature to the system currently offered on the new 991 GT3.

For the first time, Porsche has adopted active aerodynamics to the new Turbo. The front spoiler is now a three-stage retractable item with segments that can be pneumatically extended according to the speed of the vehicle. At the rear of the Turbo, the wing can also be deployed in three adjustable positions according to both height and angle, maximising downforce when required.

The new model is the widest Turbo yet, measuring 28mm wider than the 991 Carrera 4

Also for the first time, PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) is offered on the Turbo models, coming as standard equipment on the Turbo S. PCCB and Sport chrono Package Plus come as standard on the Turbo S once again, and is optional for the Turbo.

The lavish interior features carbon trim and options including radar controlled cruise control and speed limit recognition

The new Porsche 911 Turbo, priced from £118,349, and Turbo S from £140,852, will be on sale from September. An exclusive, in-depth review into the new Turbo with specialist opinion and debate can be found in issue 102 of Total 911, on sale 22 May.

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    Too wide. Needs a manual, which no doubt will come. Also not as aesthetically pleasing as one might have hoped, esp from the back. Of course it will get great reviews, but I think Porsche have lost the plot. What was needed was a homage to the past early 911’s and a more authentic driving experience, I worry also that the steering will lack ‘feel’, as Clarkson and Hammond have said about the 991 basic models. This is why the prices of early cars are going thru the roof. 6 yrs ago a 911T couldn’t be sold, now a good one might fetch £60,000! Same with a 911S, and of course the iconic 911RS 73, which will cost you the best part of £200K.
    Also that’s why 964 prices are rising, especially the RS. Soon the 1983 – 89 Carrera’s will follow suit.

    Ditch some of the wizardry, make the cars slightly smaller, more nimble, and most importantly lose that weight. That’s what most real Porsche drivers want!!!

  • Larry

    I hope they sell a lot of them so they’ll be available to us mortal folk when the rich have moved on to the next best thing.