World-beating lightweight battery from Porsche

Trust Porsche to make something as mundane as a battery into something sexy and desirable!

The Lithium-Ion battery is a new option for the 911 GT3, GT3 RS and Boxster Spyder and is smaller and lighter than a conventional battery. It is also more efficient in that it almost 100 percent of its capacity is available for use (compared to 30 percent with other car batteries), and it also charges faster.

The lightweight battery is made up of four cells and integrated control electronics. This battery management system protects the battery from major discharge and guarantees a consistent charge level within the individual cells. Once battery voltage drops below a certain threshold, a warning signal reminds the driver to re-charge the battery either simply by driving the car through the power of the engine running or by means of a conventional battery charger.S10_0157_a5 The battery will also be offered as a retrofit for existing owners.

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