Winter tyres for your Porsche

A Porsche has been designed for everyday use, so there is no reason why it should be forced to take shelter in the garage for the winter months. A wide range of ‘winter’ wheel and tyre sets is now available from Porsche that have been designed primarily for added safety, but also offer improved performance and everyday practicality in cold weather and difficult driving conditions.

Below +7 °C, the tyre compound of a typical ‘summer’ tyre begins to harden and braking distances are increased. As parts of the UK have experienced particularly harsh winter weather over the past couple of years, Porsche recommends the use of ‘N’-rated ‘winter’ tyres below this temperature to ensure continued driving pleasure throughout the colder months.

The benefits of winter tyres include:

  • braking distances are shorter compared with summer tyres;
  • traction is increased on slippery surfaces;
  • your vehicle will continue to provide the high standards of driving safety for which Porsche is renowned;
  • the tyres have been optimised to produce less noise, rolling resistance is reduced and fuel economy is improved

In addition, tyres with the Porsche ‘N’-rating are designed exclusively for Porsche vehicles and meet high standards for driving stability, comfort and fuel consumption. They also offer optimum compatibility with the functions of Porsche chassis control systems, with no risk of damage to components or wheel clearance problems. They also meet Porsche requirements for durability and stability at high speed. The ‘N’-rating (N0, N1 etc) is shown on the tyre sidewall.

The Porsche winter wheel and tyre sets are also styled to complement your vehicle for an overall sporting appearance. Choosing a complete wheel and tyre set reduces the risk of wheel damage during tyre replacement, and also avoids having to separately balance each wheel again. Once the Porsche Centre has changed the wheels over, it can store the summer tyres until ready to be fitted in the spring.

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