Win a high-tech battery charger!

If you’re not using your Porsche through the winter, it’s essential that you keep its battery charged. Modern 911s are notorious for draining batteries via their alarm and other circuits that remain live even when the car is locked.MXS 3600 Image larger still

We were caught out recently with a 996 that had a flat battery – because the luggage compartment (where the battery is kept) is opened via an electrically operated release, this meant applying a 12-volt supply to an emergency contact within the fusebox (in the driver’s footwell) to get into the boot.

Suitably caught out, we’re now using a CTEK Multi XS 3600 charger to keep the 996’s battery topped up. It’s an intelligent charger in that it monitors the battery and ensures that just enough charge is delivered as required, unlike basic chargers that constantly supply current to the battery. This means that the XS 3600 is safe to leave connected to the car and unattended for long periods. Find out more at www.cteck.com 

The CTEK Multi XS 3600 costs £54.99 but we have five to give away. To be in with the chance of winning one, simply send your name and address to [email protected], marking your email ‘Charger giveaway’. The senders of the first five emails picked at random after the closing date of 14th January 2010 will each receive a prize charger.

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