What don’t you like about Porsche 911s?

Following on from our poll asking what you love about Porsche 911s (you can find it here), we now want to know what you don’t like about them. Now, we’re sure this will be harder to answer, but even Porsche 911s aren’t perfect, and most owners have little niggles.

For instance, the frameless door glass on 996s and 997s – or rather, the fact that people put their grubby mitts on the glass when closing the door. Which makes even something as gorgeous as this 997 Turbo S look a mess.

Please add your comments below.

Comments (11)

  • Martin

    Mainly a few of its drivers, claiming they’re driving the only “real” Porsche, whatever that may be anyway..;-)

  • Dzior

    Yup, here’s the truth – i realy don’t like my 911 – I FREAKISHLY LOVE IT 😀

  • steven

    I don’t like the fact that I can’t own them all

  • zen911

    Car is virtually perfect. Only thing I would wish for is maybe a little more aggressive/sharper lines. Front looks a little rather happy then mean.

  • Steve

    They simPly cost too much. I’ve had 3 in the last 20 years but all were well used when I purchased. The one I have left to go with two other Porsches is a 1980 Weissach edition.

  • Dieter

    I hate the automatic door closing with the key at my turbo S. At the german model you always have to look to the blinking-lights – is it closed or not?!? But the rest I love! 😉

  • Paul

    Many years ago one man made his vision of the perfect sports car a reality. Since then it has gained speed, safety and a very smooth profile that I have not come to fully appreciate.

  • Tom

    I wish the cabins would be a little more up to date in terms of technology and ergonomics, It takes porsche along time to update the electronics. I guess most Porsche owners dont buy brand new cars and I certainly cant afford 90+k to buy a 997 with the updated cabin & PCM package. Although the 997 mkII is much nicer and has all the newest toys.

    My 2002 996 C4s PCM is very similar to my dads 2007 C2s, Plus he had to add a system to play his MP3 player. I know that this is niggly but its nice to have the toys 🙂 while enjoying the incredible package that is a porsche! Especially when you are paying around 45-50k for a 2007 car i think for that price these things should be there… Audi/BMW/MERC come with ipod connections as standard since 2005.

    Obviously its not an issue for a lot of hard core porsche drivers, but me as a new porsche driver coming from a BMW it was a let down on my dads car, but not too much of a worry with mine as its 10 years old. I know you can put systems in but after spending so much its a bit of a kick in the teeth to pay even more to take advantage of an iPod with the fantastic Bose system.

    Porsche seem to be at the forefront then it takes a while to make real progress with upgrades. From the 996-997 the newest MKII seems the best and thats 10 years… theres no wonder most people advice to buy a more basic porsche and buy a TomTom.

    Also it would be nice not to worry about RMS. ;P

    Other than that I love everything about my porsche, the way it sounds, the way it goes and its beautiful clean lines. The experience is something that is difficult to find anywhere else, and extremely affordable running costs, 25+mpg for a super car is epic! Also the way people respect the porsche not hate you for driving it, unlike an M3 (which i also love).

  • 964galore

    My first and only sometimes gripe with my 911’s is that I can only impress one passenger at a time on the track. The second and lasting last issue is squeeling brakes on 964’s

  • BP

    everytime I open the gas tank cap, that little curved piece of metal holding the cap lid scrapes my finger and I ask myself … they did this on purpose just to say you can’t get it all!

  • Sven

    It’s the (very) small things. Overall, I LOVE this car. 1): In my stick-shift carrera GTS I find that there is a considerable gap between 2nd and 3rd gear. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th all match perfectly to keep the engine in the power-band while accelerating hard. I wish 2nd gear was a bit shorter and maybe 6th a bit longer. 2):I can close the driver-side window with a flick of a switch. On the passenger.side this is not possible.