What a long strange trip it’s been – part six

American reader Andy Kopral bought a 2007 997 Turbo unseen on the Internet and drove it across the USA. In this and other posts, he describes his adventures.

One of the activities we did while I was in Ogden was visit Antelope
Island in the Great Salt Lake, not far from Ogden (you can see Salt Lake City
in the background in one of the photos).

What was fascinating about Antelope Island is the huge (700 or so head) bison herd that lives on the island.
In 1893 two bison were brought to the island to try to revive the animals
who were very close to extinction. In that year there remained a total of
only about 800 bison in North America (and the world, for that matter, since
this species is unique to NA), and now Antelope Island has a herd almost that
size. These animals are completely disease free (and have been since
1893) because they live on this island without any other disease carrying
herds (such as cattle). I think the total bison count in the US is now
something like 300,000 (there were millions of them before they were almost hunted
 to extinction). I could be wrong about these facts, but I think that is
 what I heard the ranger say when we stopped to chat with him.

I eventually had to end the great party and make the last leg of the trip back home to California. So on Friday morning we had another spectacular breakfast at Steve and Kathleen’s house (cheese omelet’s, lots of bacon, hash browns, English muffins, orange juice and coffee). Kathleen wanted to prepare a little “to-go” package that I could take with me and eat in the
car on the long drive back to California (my second longest day at 13
hours), but unfortunately I forgot to grab the “bag-o-bacon” (you had to 
 there!) when I left. But I guess the good thing is now my steering wheel 
 not covered in bacon grease. I’m kidding, folks!

The drive across Nevada is pretty boring – pretty much high desert with
few desolate towns (Wells, Elko, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain) on the way west to California. One beautiful area I would like to explore is the
national park, Great Basin National Park outside of Wells). I did manage 
get a photo of the back side (the western side) of the park.

Anyway, 3,192 miles later I arrived home on Friday night.

What a long, strange trip it has been!DSC_3458DSC_3483DSC_3487

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