What a long strange trip it’s been – part 5

American reader Andy Kopral bought a 2007 997 Turbo unseen on the Internet and drove it across the USA. In this and previous posts, he describes his adventures.

As I had hoped, the back roads to Steve and Kathleen’s house in Ogden were  spectacular. I had a LOT of fun on these roads, and the Turbo is the perfect car for imperfect road conditions, really the best all-around supercar for

any kind of road conditions. Once I arrived in Ogden the party got into high
gear! Steve and I have known each other since sixth grade when we were both
in elementary school in Germany, so more than 45 years! And we have pretty
much been good friends for all those years. We don’t get to see each other
very often, but when we do it’s like time has stood still – we laugh at the
same things and have the same political beliefs, and all the other things
that good friends share instinctively. Steve is a wonderful friend, and he
and his wonderful wife Kathleen kept me in stitches the entire time I spent
in Ogden (which is a wonderful city, by the way, with a very nice downtown
full of great restaurants and bars and world-class skiing at Snow Basin,
which is just a few miles from Steve’s house and where the Winter Olympic
downhill skiing event took place). Steve and I tried pretty hard to kill a
keg of Heineken, a bottle of tequila and a bottle of Jaegermeister. We did
pretty well, I might add! For additional entertainment we got to watch
Grover give Buddy a head rub every day – I think they both enjoyed it lot
(well, especially Grover!). They are both males, of course.

Continued in part VI


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