Watch Magnus Walker at the wheel of two Porsche 911 Turbo icons

When he’s not busy customising his classic Porsche 911s, our resident urban outlaw, Magnus Walker has been out and about pitting an original Porsche 930 3.0 against the latest Porsche 991 Turbo.

In this new video from eGarage, Magnus gets behind the wheel of the first and latest iterations of the legendary Porsche 911 Turbo, blasting both through his local lanes in the Californian canyons.

Magnus Walker Turbo driving

As well as telling the story behind his acquisition of the right-hand drive 1975 Porsche 930, Magnus takes the time to chart the 40-year history of the 911 Turbo, find out how the latest offering stacks up in terms of character.

While we’re always a fans of the Urban Outlaw’s video offerings, we think this is definitely one of his best films yet (no doubt aided by the beautiful Guards Red duo and eGarage’s excellent cinematography). This is must-watch viewing.

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Magnus Walker 930 991 Turbos

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