Video: This track-tuned Porsche 930 is a friendly fire breather

Water-cooled Porsche 911s are now an almost ubiquitous sight at track days around the world (often with a ‘GT3’ badge or ‘GT3 RS’ decal on the decklid).

The ever improving pace and poise of the Neunelfer’s from Andreas Preuninger’s esteemed department in Weissach are at their very best when experienced on a circuit. However, not everyone is in search of the latest or greatest technology for their track car.

Some people want to take things back to basics and really dial in to the dynamics of a classic Porsche 911. That’s where this tuned Porsche 930 3.3 comes in. But, the question remains: In the 21st Century, can it still provide the necessary thrills? We buckle up to find out…

To read Josh’s full track test of this tuned Porsche 930 3.3, pick up Total 911 issue 143 in store today. Alternatively, download a copy straight to your digital device now.

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