Video: This Porsche 911L is the perfect race car for the road

While the idea of driving a race car on the road can be appealing, the reality very often doesn’t marry up perfectly with the dream. On the street, racers can be harsh, noise and difficult to handle; they are, in a word, “uncivilised”.

However, sometimes there are cars that break the rule and American writer and comedian, Spike Feresten’s 1968 Porsche 911L race car is definitely one that bucks the usual trend.

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One of five cars built by Porsche for the 1968 Trans-Am season, Spike’s 911L is apparently “just a dream” to drive out on the street thanks to its visceral flat six soundtrack and analogue dynamic charms.

This gorgeously produced video from Petrolicious captures the essence of this particular Porsche 911 perfectly and allows Spike to tell the incredible story of his 911L’s racing career, all while we can enjoy the unadulterated howl of its engine through some of Los Angele’s finest canyon roads.

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