Extended Video: Rene Metge’s 1984 Paris-Dakar win in a Rothmans 911

The Paris-Dakar rally has long been considered the ultimate endurance event for both man and machine. After moving the Dakar rally to South America in 2009, former winner in a 911, Rene Metge, decided to relaunch the original race to include a historic vehicle class. Step forward The Wild African Racing Team, who duly entered a Francis Tuthill prepared classic 911 for the 6,000km race.

Find out how The Wild African Racing Team fared on the Dakar in issue 99 of Total 911

You can find out how the team fared with exclusive pictures from the event in issue 99 of Total 911, but to compliment the feature, you can now watch a thrilling period documentary covering Metge’s famous 1984 win in a specially adapted 4×4 911, the 953. To watch the 90-minute video, simply click on the link below, and to purchase your copy of Total 911 issue 99, just visit the ImagineShop website.

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