Video: Detailing a Porsche 991.1 Turbo S

Here at Total 911 we’re staunch advocates that, whether you own a venerable Carrera or a super rare Rennsport, your Porsche 911 was built to be enjoyed out on the open road, with you behind the wheel.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your Porsche 911’s appearance. Whether you like to invest your own time or hire a professional detailer, there is something particularly appealing about a freshly cleaned Neunelfer (something Lee found out with his own 996).


In this video – a collaboration between Drive Detailing and garage equipment specialist, SGS – a well-used 991 Turbo S gets the full detailing treatment and, while a film about washing a car could be construed as dull, it’s almost therapeutic watching this bright white Porsche 911 return to a factory fresh finish.

To achieve the desired result, the Drive Detailing team, based in Loughborough, use a number of SGS garage tools to revive the Turbo S, cleaning, buffing and polishing the car back to life after what looks like a particularly muddy drive.

For more Porsche 911 detailing tips, download a copy of Total 911 issue 140 to your digital device now.


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