Ucka Mountain, Croatia

Generally speaking, if a road is part of the official rally season, it usually offers a great driving experience. This is certainly true for the course in question, used and abused in the Croatian rally calendar.

This area of the country is a dense tourist destination with lots of small towns along the coastline, Opatija being the most popular of the lot. However, despite the area’s popularity meaning traffic jams can be a common sight in the summer, Učka Mountain remains a driving oasis in the middle of all this fuss.

The route starts at the coastline in the Town of Icici and crosses the Učka Mountain, connecting the biggest Croatian peninsula, Istria, with the rest of the country.


From the coast it climbs up to 1,000 metres above sea level and finishes at the opposite side of the mountain, some 500 metres above sea level, all in just 13 miles.

You can pass this peak much more easily by going through the 3.5 mile-long tunnel, but if you want to really conquer the mountain, take our road. This is why it’s not so popular with people usually rushing to their destination. Believe me, if you drive a 911, you won’t want to take that tunnel.

The lower part of the course can be somewhat populated, but as you climb, the road gets more and more desolate and thus more suitable for spirited driving. So after only a couple of miles, you’re surrounded by nothing more than a beautiful forest, which nicely resonates with the sounds coming from a flat-six engine.


Location: Ucka Mountain, Croatia
Latitude: 45°19’09.8″N 14°16’13.9″E
Length of drive: 13 miles
Points of interest:
Ucka, Veprinac, Icici, Istria, Opatija
Food and accommodation:
Draga di Lovrana – www.dragadilovrana.hr
Dopolavoro – www.dopolavoro.hr

If you stop or dare to look while driving, the view is amazing – on a clear day you can see for over 50 kilometres.

The structure of the road is really good, with rare patches on asphalt, so you can focus on the curves and your footwork. Curves are well-sighted yet short, so overtaking is recommended only on some straighter sections.

The descent is pretty long in both directions, so good brakes are a must, and be wary of overheating them. The engine of the 911 is in the right place for this road, making this a paradise for anyone piloting Zuffenhausen’s darling sports car.

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