Tyres for your Porsche – useful resources

In advance of a major investigation in Total 911 on choosing the correct tyres for your Porsche, here are some excellent extra resources, as PDF files for you to download.

First of all, is an Official Porsche publication about tyres for classic Porsches. This is essential reading if you have an older Porsche: Classic_recommended_tyres-2

Second up is a useful guide from Michelin showing the range of tyres the company offers for Porsches: Michelinfolder_155x210_5c_gb

Look out for the full report in Total 911 issue 61.


Comments (3)

  • Phil Picuri

    Thanks, very helpful!
    Regards, Phil

  • It’s not so easy to get tyres for your porsche, so this seems like a very good set of resoruces. Thanks.

  • HALM3

    What an old article. I like this resource for 911 tires – http://www.pcarforsale.com