Turbo Titans: 993 v 997

Buyers with £60,000 to spend on a Porsche 911 have an interesting dilemma: they are £13,000 shy of a brand new one, so the next best step is to look at Porsche-approved nearly new models, where they’ll be able to secure a two-year-old Carrera 4 without too much trouble.

Sounds sensible, so what exactly is this dilemma? Well, that there are so many other amazing Porsche 911s out there for very similar money, such as the late-model 993 Turbos or even the more contemporary-feel but no less explosively fast 997 Turbos. Open your mind out to these and, for some, a normally aspirated 997 won’t cut it.

So, enter two Turbos with two turbos apiece, every wheel driven and at least 400 horsepower channelled right through them. Sitting at the top end of their respective ranges, both are more than simply Porsche 911s: they are 911 Turbos. How can they fail to excite?


Excite they both do, but which is of these blown 911s offers the best driving thrills for 60k? To find out, we’ve pitted the evocative 993 Turbo against the mesmerising Gen1 997 Turbo in a battle of forced induction greats in the latest edition (issue 103) of Total 911.


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