Total 911’s trio of top Porsche 911 suspension upgrades

Stop, turn, go. At its most fundamental, improving the performance of your Porsche 911 is a pretty simple, three-stage process. A few weeks ago, we covered the ‘stop’ element with our selection of brake upgrades; now it’s time to ‘turn’.

We’ve put together a trio of damper options (plus a chassis tuning extra) to help you get the best from your Porsche 911 when you face it with a few corners:

Öhlins Road & Track dampers – from £1,800 each plus VAT
Ohlins damper

Formed 40 years ago, Swedish suspension supremo Öhlins is one of the best damper manufacturers in the world. Their Road & Track range uses their decades of motorsport success to create potentially the best road car dampers around.

Available for most 996 and 997 models (997.1 GT3 RS pictured), they feature a lightweight aluminium construction and are fully adjustable, with threaded spring platforms and independent bump and rebound adjusters.

Bilstein Sports B6 front dampers – £169.05 plus VAT
Bilstein damper

Don’t think that suspension upgrades are the sole preserve of later Neunelfers. The Bilstein Sports B6 range allows for classic Porsche 911s to benefit from a performance-orientated dynamic without compromising on the everyday usability of needing to lower the stock ride height.

The pictured damper is for a 1985 Carrera 3.2 with Boge struts, however, versions for all 911s from 1965 to 1989 are available.

EuroCupGT dampers and top plates – £995 plus VAT
EuroCupGT damper

EuroCupGT may not be a name familiar with everyone, especially when it comes to suspension – however, this British company certainly has form in the damping department, helping to develop coilovers for the World Touring Car Championship in 2005.

Allowing damping and ride height adjustment, the EuroCupGT damper kit fits all non-PASM water-cooled Porsche 911s up to second-generation 997s. The price includes top plates and springs.

EuroCupGT adjustable top plates – £375 plus VAT
PorscheShop top mounts

For those wishing to retain their Porsche 996 or 997’s original factory dampers, EuroCupGT’s top mounts allow you to adjust your car’s camber, ensuring that your tyres are performing to their maximum potential on track or road.

CNC machined from billet aluminium, the top plates include stainless steel bushings and aerospace quality monoballs and are available for Carrera, Turbo and GT3 models.

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