Total 911’s track day essentials

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of numerous track days, or you have just started about thinking of taking your Porsche 911 onto a circuit for the first time, you need to be prepared. So, Total 911 has compiled a selection the track day essentials aimed at getting you ready for the new season ahead.


Bell Mag-1 helmet
Bell Mag1 Helmet

Available from: Merlin Motorsport
Price: £179 (exc VAT)
Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: White
Other: Snell SA2010 approved; HANS posts can be fitted.
Bell Mag1 Helmet detail

Bell has been making helmets for racers since 1954. Since then they’ve been pioneers in the field of head safety, producing the first full-face helmet (amongst other innovations). However, the Bell Mag-1 is undeniably classic in its design.

This open face helmet may hark back to bygone eras but, in a closed cockpit environment (such as a Porsche 911 coupe) the Bell’s open face provides excellent ventilation as well as unparalleled vision from the driver’s seat.

The adjustable peak includes an anti-dazzle strip that effectively keeps low sun conditions from dazzling you, while the Nomex lining is not only soft but also fireproof. It’s no wonder that the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone has a fleet of these for its customers.


Adidas Feroza Elite race boot
Adidas Feroza Elite

Available from: Merlin Motorsport
Price: £131.33 (exc VAT)
Sizes: Euro 36-50
Colours: Black, Red
Other: FIA 8856-2000 approved.
Adidas Feroza Elite detail

Adidas’ famous three stripes may be more synonymous with football kits rather than racewear but the German sports giant has previous in the motorsport arena, with its Monza boot worn by F1 legends in the Eighties.

Thanks to their relationship with Weissach, a number of works Porsche drivers use the Feroza Elite too. The high-cut design provides excellent ankle support, with an incredibly plush tongue increasing padding and comfort.

The oil resistant sole ensures that you will maintain full grip on the pedals, while the reinforced heel and toe protection provides improved durability. The Velcro strap does a good job of personalising the fit while keeping the laces out of the way.


Sparco Slalom SL-3 race boot

Sparco Slalom SL-3

Available from: Merlin Motorsport
Price: £95.50 (exc VAT)
Sizes: Euro 36-46
Colour: Red, Blue, Black
Other: FIA 8856-2000 approved.
Sparco Slalom SL-3 detail

While the Adidas boots provide a high cut for added support, some drivers prefer the lightweight and extra manoeuvrability afforded by a mid-cut offering. If you are one of those drivers, the Sparco Slalom SL-3 is the race boot for you.

Doing away with superfluous the Velcro straps to cut complexity, these Sparco boots also use an oil resistant sole, with a simple rolled heel to improve movement in the pedal box.

The coloured uppers are vibrant, with the bold Sparco logo on the sides providing an eye-catching centrepiece. Without much padding, the Slalom SL-3s are ideal if you are looking for a slim-fitting boot that you will barely notice on your feet.



Alpinestars Tech 1 Race gloves
Alpinestars Tech1 Race

Available from: Merlin Motorsport
Price: £63.96 (exc VAT)
Sizes: S-XXL
Colour: Blue, Red, Black, White, Yellow
Other: FIA 8856-2000 approved.
Alpinestar Tech1 Race detail

Amongst the long-established racewear brands of Sparco and OMP, Alpinestars have a forged an alternative path since branching out into the motorsport world, with a decidedly modern character in their design.

The Alpinestars Tech 1 Race glove enables you to maintain a strong grip on your 911’s steering wheel thanks to the brilliant silicone treatment on the fingers and palms.

What’s more, the fingers and palms are pre-curved to improve comfort and reduce muscle fatigue, while the lack of palm padding gives much improved feel over previous gloves from Alpinestars.



GoPro roll bar mount
GoPro roll bar mount

Available from: GoPro
Price: £29.99
Sizes: One size
Colour: Black
Other: Compatible with all GoPro cameras.
GoPro roll bar mount detail

GoPro cameras are becoming a ubiquitous piece of kit for every track day enthusiast, providing excellent video footage that you can use to improve your performance, or simply relive your best laps amongst friends.

For 911s fitted with a roll cage, such as the half examples found in GT3 Clubsports, this roll bar mount (to fit 3.5-6.35cm tubing) is the perfect for getting the ideal onboard camera angle thanks to its pivoting three-way adjustable arm.

Like all of GoPro’s mounts, this works with all Hero camera systems, while the adjustable arm can be extended with other arm pieces for extra length or increased adjustability.



The Track Day Manual
The Track Day Manual

Available from: Haynes Publishing
Price: £18.99
Author: Mike Breslin
Pages: 176
Other: Full colour.

Driving on a track is a completely different experience to driving your Porsche 911 on the road, making it a daunting proposition for many track day novices. However, with ‘The Track Day Manual’ from Haynes Publishing that needn’t be the case.

Haynes may be better known for their famous maintenance manuals but they are also creators of other useful titles. This manual is easy to understand and full of useful advice aimed at making sure you maximise your on-track experiences. A true track day essential.

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