Total 911’s top six favourite Magnus Walker Porsche 911s

From relative obscurity in Porsche circles, Magnus Walker’s rise has been stratospheric in the last three-or-so years. The self-styled Urban Outlaw’s modified Porsche 911s well and truly caught the imagine of fans around the world, propelling the California-based UK expat to fame.

Known for his wide-ranging and eclectic collection of classic 911s, Walker has many intriguing cars in his garage and, as a big fan of his work, the Total 911 team has decided to pick their six favourites. Do you agree with our choices?

6) ’72 Porsche 911 STR

The name says it all. This orange and light ivory 911 featured a combination of 911R and ST-inspired touches, including the ubiquitous flared rear arches. Aesthetically, the Minilite wheels looked perfect while the 2.7-litre MFI flat six meant there was menace to match the visuals.

5) ’66 Porsche 911 Irish Green

Magnus’ Irish Green 1966 Porsche 911 is one of the least fettled cars in his collection but that is what makes it so extraordinary. For a man who loves to customise, this short-wheelbase car has been kept in near-stock condition, providing an intriguing time warp for the Urban Outlaw.

4) #277 Porsche 911T

Bought in 1999, this 911T – dressed up in a racing inspired livery – has become Walker’s trademark Porsche, appearing on t-shirts and stickers around the world. It may not be the prettiest, but we admire Magnus’ workmanlike attitude to #277, a continual work in progress.

3) ’68 R-inspired Porsche 911

The super rare Porsche 911R is one of the Urban Outlaw’s favourite classic neunelfers, so it was perhaps no surprise that the build that put him on the map was inspired by the ‘R’. Drilled door handles, vented bumpers and a central filler cap have all become Magnus Walker trademarks thanks to this car.

2) ’76 Porsche 930 Euro

In the last two years, Magnus’ focus switched from the early ’67-’73 period and instead turned to the 3.0-litre Porsche 911 Turbo era. This Euro-spec 930, finished in Minerva Blue was the perfect example of simplicity. Lowered and on a set of gold Group 4 Campagnolo replica wheels, it looked perfect.

1) ’72 Porsche 911 STR IISTR IIThe STR II was probably Walker’s most well thought out build. Once again inspired by the R and ST, the STR II’s colour scheme became instantly iconic, while those gorgeous Campagnolo replica alloys once again made an appearance. It was no surprise that this car sold at auction in 2013 for $302,500 at the 2013 Pebble Beach auctions.

Do you agree with our choices? What is your favourite Magnus Walker Porsche 911? Join the debate in the comments below, or head to our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

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