Total 911’s top five Porsche 964s ever built

Billed at its release as “the 911 for the next 25 years,” the 964 generation of Porsche 911 has enjoyed a particularly potted history. Unloved for years, only since 2012 has the 964 truly won universal acclaim among enthusiasts as a classic 911 to have. Values have rocketed immeasurably in that amount of time and interest remains very high among collectors even for Carrera Cabriolet and Targa examples – unthinkable as recently as 2011. However, which of the fourteen 964 models can claim to be the greatest? Here’s our top five:


5) Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6


The 3.3-litre 964 Turbo may have brought forced induction into the new new generation of 911, but under that revised body shell was essentially the same unit as found in the venerable 930. It wasn’t until near the end of 964 production in 1993 that Porsche finally updated the Turbo engine with an increased capacity, helping to raise power by 40bhp over the 3.3-litre Turbo. The new Turbo package was resplendent in a wide body, which was lowered by 20 millimetres and sitting over 18-inch Speedline wheels.


4) Porsche 964 C2 Speedster


As we’ve discovered in the latest issue of Total 911, a Speedster makes for a delightful twist to the 911 driver experience, enlightening the senses with the purest from of al-fresco driving. Though performance isn’t central to the 964 Speedster it’s still lavished with an RS-spec interior, while the chopped windscreen and double-bubble glass fibre panel are perhaps the only acceptable deviation from the 911’s conventional silhouette. If you can unearth a rare wide-bodied example then you’ve a very sought-after 911 on your hands.


3) Porsche 964 Turbo S


Built by Porsche’s Exclusive department, the 964 Turbo S is the fastest single-turbo production 911 ever made. Colloquially labelled as a “Turbocharged Rennsport”, the car mated a 381bhp turbocharged flat six engine (the extra 61bhp came as a result of a new turbo and more boost) to a chassis that enjoyed substantial weight saving for a final kerb weight of 1,290kg. A mere 81 examples were built, making this a very rare classic Porsche.


2) Porsche 964 3.8 RS

964 3.8 RS

Our drive of the Carrera RS in issue 128 highlighted just how much we adore this exquisite driver’s car in 3.6-litre form (though we wouldn’t pay £200,000 for one). In 3.8-litre guise you’re guaranteed extra power (up 40 to 300bhp over the 3.6) and infinitely more exclusivity: only 55 were made. If you can get your hands on one of these lightweight Turbo-bodied Rennsports you’ll have one of the most exhilarating Porsche 911s in your stable.


1) Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Lightweight


No 964 is as hardcore as the 964 Carrera 4 Leichtbau. Created by 911 competition supremo Jurgen Barth, the car is stripped back to the bones and features the manually adjustable all-wheel-drive from the Paris-Dakar 953 no less, plus a short-ratio five-speed gearbox also derived from the 953. Its lightweight name was secured after managing to shed 350 kilograms over a 964 C4, weighing in at just 1,100kg. The ultimate 964 is also one of the rarest: just 22 were made.

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