Total 911’s kitbag of retro trackday essentials

If you’ve got a classic Porsche 911 and you’re inclined to take it on the track, you’ll want to look the part. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of retro trackday essentials to keep you looking at your classic best behind the wheel of your Neunelfer:

Mulholland Racer ‘Numero41’ T-shirt – £35.95
Numero41 shirt

Named after the famous canyon road in the Hollywood Hills in California, there are few fashion brands with a greater passion for Porsche’s racing heritage than Mulholland Racer. And its range of ‘Classics’ T-shirts is a case in point.

From the ‘Pink Pig’ 917 to the Kremer Brothers design, each shirt pays homage to a Weissach icon and features the original artwork. This particular design, named ‘Numero41’, celebrates the no. 41 Kremer 935’s famous victory at the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Bell 500-TX Classic helmet – From €400
Bell 500-TX

Full-face helmets may now be ubiquitous in the paddock but, before 1968, open-face was the only option available, with Bell’s iconic 500-TX the most popular choice.

As part of their Classic range, Bell has remanufactured the 500 helmet using modern techniques and a lightweight carbon-Kevlar composite shell, to ensure that its appealingly retro looks are combined with 21st century protection. Snell SA2010 approved, the 500-TX Classic is available with or without HANS posts.

Piloti Mille driving boots – £285
Piloti Mille boots

Choosing the right shoes for a trackday is a difficult task: full race boots offer the best driving experience but you risk looking a little too ‘try hard’ outside the car. Thankfully, Piloti’s beautifully made Mille boots are the perfect answer.

Crafted in Italy from leather and suede, the shoes take their inspiration from race boots but with a subtle, premium aesthetic. They’re functional too though, thanks to their lightweight design and rubber sole with Piloti’s trademark ‘Roll Control’ heel.

Mulholland Racer ‘Delaney’ driving gloves – £69.95
Delaney gloves

Classic driving gloves are a bit of an anachronism in modern motoring. Mulholland Racer’s ‘Delaney’ design hopes to revitalise them though, with a tongue-in-cheek nod to Steve McQueen’s character from seminal motorsport film, Le Mans.

The predominantly black gloves feature red backs on the right index and second fingers, allowing you to recreate that famous scene. Handmade in the UK, the capeskin leather is water repellent and beautifully soft while the elasticated wrist straps ensure a snug fit.

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