Total 911 issue one for sale

Total 911 issue one

Issue one of Total 911 is rare. Very rare. So rare that the current team has never set eyes on a copy, let alone flicked through its pages. Therefore, you’d forgive us for thinking that Total 911 issue one actually never existed.

However, today a copy has shown up for sale on Gumtree with a truly exorbitant price tag. Even with exclusivity rivalling an original Porsche 901 or a 2.7 RS Lightweight, we’re not sure the £150 asking price is achievable.

Still, if you just have to get hold of a copy here’s the listing (after all, issue one has been unavailable from our own digital store, the Imagine Shop, for many moons now). In fact the earliest issue you can currently purchase is issue six. So, do you have a complete Total 911 collection, or are there still a few elusive copies that you’re after?

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