Total 911: issue 69 of the world’s best Porsche magazine is out now

Other highlights of the issue include:

996 GT2 Complete Guide

The 996 GT2 could have been called a sales flop but it’s starting to be appreciated by enthusiasts wanting something more challenging (and rarer) than a Turbo.

997 RSR replica

We take a wild 911 to a land without speed cameras and discover a car that’s almost as good as a 997 GT3 RS for half the price.

IMS failure explained

Much has been talked about 996 and 997 engines ‘blowing up’. We investigate the problem and explain how to avoid it happening to you.

Merging a classic 911 with a Boxster

Fitting a Boxster interior into a 3.2 Carrera sounds like a recipe for disaster, but one specialist has actually made it happen.


993 Targa tested

Collector’s trio of 911s

Uprated Gen2 997 Turbo

And much, much more…

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