Total 911 issue 68: The latest issue of the best Porsche magazine is out

Look out for the latest issue of Total 911, easily identified by the group of six gorgeous 911s of different generations on the cover.

Inside, we look at how the 911 has evolved over the years while, at the same time, staying the same. A design triumph if ever there was one.

And there’s more:

Custom 997 GT2
We sample a modified first-generation 997 GT2 which is actually more powerful than the latest GT2 RS. Madness!

964-engined classic RS

Some people backdate newer 911s to look like classics, but one Singapore owner went the other way and slotted a newer engine into his older car. The result is sublime.

961 racecar
We tell the story of this unique Porsche racing machine which was based on the 959 and which caught fire at Le Mans. Whoops…

Superlight 911R
The 1960s 911R was the first of the lightweight 911s and remains the lightest of them all. We head to Belgium to find a stunning example.


996 GT3 groundbreaker
3.2 Super Sports tested
997 Speedster preview
996 updated to 997 looks
And much, much more…

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