Total 911 issue 140 now on sale

The Porsche 911 market is a wildly different place to 12 months ago when almost daily price rises seemed to be breaking record after record. However, as we now head into a more stable market, it doesn’t mean that the time to buy has passed. In fact, far from it.

For Total 911 issue 140, we’ve put together our definitive list of the 20 Neunelfers you should invest in in 2016, from classic icons, such as the 2.2S through to more humble offerings like the 996 Carrera.

For our second annual collector’s guide, it’s not just our word that you should believe. Our 20-strong list has been compiled with the help of industry experts and tells you not just which model to buy, but what specifically to look out for.

Blue Porsche 996 Carrera 4 driving

If our 11-page ‘what to buy’ guide wasn’t enough though, issue 140 also includes a face-off between two luftgekühlt legends: the 964 RS and the 993 RS. Both cars stir up plenty of argument between Rennsport enthusiasts as to which is better, so we decided to put them to the test.

Can the more basic (but no less enthralling) 964 win the day? Or will the 993’s incredible aesthetics and arsenal overpower its predecessor on some of Britain’s best back roads? You’ll have to pick up your copy now to find out.

There’s also an ultimate guide of the sometimes forgotten Porsche 911 2.7, an interview with the OPC technicians who keep your Neunelfer in tip-top condition and a guide to detailing your car ahead of the summer.

To read all this and much, much more, pick up Total 911 issue 40 in store today. Alternatively, order your copy online for home delivery, or download it straight to your digital device now.


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