Total 911 issue 111 on sale now

1989 brought about a sharp change to the Porsche 911 in more ways than one. While the new 964 platform was itself a radical move (presenting the first major change to 911 since its inception in 1963) the car used to launch this new era was even more profound.

The Porsche 964 Carrera 4 was the first 911 to feature four-wheel drive. Borrowing slightly from the technological marvel that was the 959 supercar, the 964’s agricultural system won few fans during its lifetime.

Porsche 964 993 Carrera 4

Since then, the 964, 993, 996, and 997 platforms have passed, leaving us with the 991 Carrera 4, one of the most technically accomplished Carrera’s Total 911 has ever driven. In issue 111, we chart the rise of this remarkable all-wheel drive 911.

If you haven’t already got your copy of Total 911 issue 111, head to your local newsagents now. Alternatively, you can order your copy from the Imagine Shop, or download it at Great Digital Mags.

Porsche 991 Carrera 4

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