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Total 911 issue 107 cover

It is a misnomer that Porsche 911 ownership is the preserve of a few wealthy souls. In the latest issue of Total 911, available online and in store, we reveal the ten best value 911s for your money.

Porsche 997 GTS

Inside, you will find a Porsche 911 for all budgets, ranging from the humble Porsche 996 Carrera Gen2, all the way up to the 997 Carrera GTS. We also get behind the wheel of a 996 GT3 RS to find out why this is one of the best ‘Rennsport’ offerings for the money.

Away from this decet of incredible 911s, issue 107 also features a group test of ‘D’ series 911s. The last of the 2.2-litre cars, the ‘D’ series 911 had three levels: ‘T’, ‘E’, and ‘S’. Total 911 took an example of each to Brooklands to find out what makes these cars so special.

3 'D' series Porsche 911s

Continuing the classic theme, DP Motorsport is back on the scene and, to celebrate the ‘return’ of the 80s Porsche giants, we go behind the scenes to take a look at the exquisite work this German specialist has created over the last four decades.

DP Motorsport workshop

Also inside, two alternative RS cars are pitted against one another, we get up close with one of Vic Elford’s original Porsche 911 racers, and there is an in depth history of the 911’s competition heritage.

To pick up your copy of issue 107, head over to the Imagine Shop, or your local newsagents, now.

964 993 RS

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