Total 911 issue 106 on sale now

106 Total 911

To many people, the RS models provide the ultimate Porsche 911 driving experience. Therefore, issue 106 of Total 911 (available in store, and online) has pitched the Porsche 997 GT3 RS against the 993 RS – 15 years the former’s senior – to see which one is more exhilarating behind the wheel.

The 997 GT3 RS is the latest offering in a long line of ‘Rennsport’ cars while, as the last of the air-cooled RS cars, the 993 RS is revered by Porsche purists. We got the owners of each to swap cockpits, with surprising results.

Rennsport Showdown

Also amongst the 114 pages of premier Porsche 911 content is a 911 GT1 Evo’s return to the track. After a 15 years away, and a complete rebuild, Total 911 gets underneath the skin of the ex-Bob Wollek car with some stunning photographs.

With the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt marking the official 50th birthday of the iconic 911, issue 106 also features a pilgrimage back to the show where it all started, as well as features on two legendary iterations: the original 901, and an immaculate Carrera 2.7 RS.

1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Evo

Finally, Total 911 got to sit down with the head of Porsche AG, Matthias Müller. Look out for his latest word on the future of the 911 model range, in store and online now.

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