Total 911 for the iPhone and iPad available now!

We’re seriously excited by the Apple iPad, which was unveiled today. So much so that we are already offering an electronic edition of Total 911 that can be read on the new tablet computer and on the current iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Total 911 app is available right now from the Apple App Store and comes with the current issue preloaded free of charge. You are then able to buy back issues and future issues, and even subscribe to your favourite Porsche magazine.

Just think, you can carry every issue of the magazine with you to read at any time. And it’s fully searchable, too.

Of course, this is not going to replace the high-quality print version of Total 911 but we reckon it’s the perfect complement to it.

Download the app for your iPhone or iPod Touch from here right now and when you get your iPad, you’ll be able to transfer it across.

T911 iPhone app

Comments (23)

  • Howard

    Brilliant that T911 is on my iphone, downloaded immediately! 🙂

    As for the iPad…sorry I just don’t get it! Is there really a broad market for a device that uses a phone operating system, has less power than a laptop (but is almost as big), has no built-in keyboard, mouse, webcam or microphone, has paltry amounts of memory (yet costs over 500 euro for 16GB), is incredibly fragile, requires an ADDITIONAL 3G plan (albeit a ‘cancel anytime’ plan) and basically resembles a large ipod (which at least you WOULD be able to fit in your pocket)??

    In my opinion the king has some new clothes over at Apple (get thee to a tailor Mr Jobs before you catch your death of cold!)

  • John

    Top idea of putting Total 911 on an app!!! Good work, a Porsche fix when ever I want!

    Howard I agree and disagree on the iPad front. When Apple repleased the iPhone there was massive hype, I looked at the specs (crap camera, no 3G etc) and though WOW, Apple have created a phone that is more expensive and less well speced than the opposition. Look what happened!!!
    Never underestimate the thinking at Apple, iBooks will kick off and the iPad will replace all the ‘web books’ out there. It will sell, make lots of money and I bet you will be a convert in the end!!!

  • Thanks for the feedback, guys. We’ll see what happens soon but I reckon the iPad will be big.


  • Ivan


    I am just a new subscriber of Total911
    I think application and the issues subscribed should be free for subscribers, not old or future issues not belonging to my current subscription.

    I could read my electronic magazine (that I payed and received at home) in any place, or maybe get by lower price old issues, but pay twice for the same magazine!!! I do not see that.

    It is just a suggestion that I suspect you are not going to like, but I had to propose 😉


    PS: the iPad as almost all Apple products will make a difference, not always explained since a right technical point of view… But we will see.

  • By the way, if your are a business looking to advertise in the Total 911 magazine, your adverts will also show on this application, really making your budgets go further. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding this! Good News all round 🙂

  • Ivan

    I’ve forwarded your comments to our subs department.



  • Phil Picuri

    Neat, like it a lot! I wanted to order issue 48 (since I have a 993 C4S), but the list stops at 50. Any plans to make earlier issues available?
    Thanks and all the best,

  • Yes, we will add more in time.



  • John Glendenning

    I’m very pleased to see this although it would be nice if there was some kind of tie in to subscription. I think that something the publishing industry in general needs to get their heads around is forcing customers to pay twice for content already purchased on different media.

    I already own the past 12 months Total911 mags and will get the next 12 months through my door. It would be nice to view them on my iphone but I would not be willing to pay again.

    Just a thought

  • Hi John

    This is something we’re looking into.


  • John Glendenning

    And just to show I’m not a complete cheapster, I would be willing to pay for the app or perhaps a premium subscription that allows you to view the mags on the iPhone and the web.


  • Carlos Paulo

    Why not create an Android App? Should be simple to convert this one…

  • We’ll look into it, thanks.

  • John Wyllie

    Great idea. Already have it on my iPhone, and waiting for my iPad to arrive. One question though – now that I own these “digital” copies of the magazine, is there a way to view them on my computer? Does pixelmags have a web browser based reader? It’s just that the iPhone screen is a little small…

  • Not at the moment, but it’s in the pipeline, I believe.


  • Android and Web browser versions are on their way!

  • Mike Caine

    It would be nice if you’d partnered with Zinio as they already do a load of magazines and can be read online or downloaded to your computer of hand held device.

    I can see me having to have accounts with lots of different digital magazine systems and them all having their different ways of doing things.

    BTW – I think the iPad will be a huge hit and can’t wait to get one or two

  • Mario Talavera

    If I buy app in app store today (March 9), which issue will i get bundled in price? 59?

  • 58

  • Felix

    Hi there,
    Is there a reason why subscribing for 6 issues is cheaper
    than subscribing 12 issues ?

  • It’s actually for 13 issues – we do one every four weeks.

  • Ivan

    Hello again from Spain.
    I bought the application and get the latest issue, but I insist you should provide by free to the subscriptors with number already purchased.

    I would use the application to purchase past numbers not paid before.

    How is going deliberations on this Phil?

    Thanks on advance for your help.
    BR // Iván

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