Total 911 exclusive – the 911 Centurion Edition

The 911 Centurion Edition has been created by Porsche Exclusive in conjunction with American Express. Just three examples will be built and these will be offered to holder of American Express’s Centurion Card.

Read the full story in Total 911 issue 64, on sale 14th July – subscribe now to get a copy sooner.


Comments (7)

  • JOHNC74

    So when are Porsche going to ask you to help them with a Total 911 edition??

  • Now, there’s an idea… 🙂

  • JOHNC74

    Ok so what would be the spec of the Total 911 edition? What model would you start with and what would be the final result?

  • Interesting question. 🙂

    I’d base it on the GT3 RS but give it a retro look as per the Sport Classic. I’d finish it in white with red or blue graphics, as per the 73 RS. As much of the panelwork as possible would be lightweight carbonfibre, with plastic rear and side window. Inside, I’d opt for a stripped out RS finish.

    In other words, it would be a true lightweight RS for the 21st century.

    What would other people like?

  • JOHNC74

    Limited to a Total (of) 911 models?? Sorry couldn’t help it!

  • Totally right! 😉

  • La nouvelle 991 ?