Top five Porsche 911 steering wheels of all time

When it comes to car design, the exterior aesthetics are often the most talked about aspect however, what many people forget is the driver spends most of his time inside the car.

Therefore the cockpit has to be just as visually pleasing, especially the steering wheel, a complex mix of ergonomics and aesthetics wrapped up into 360 degrees. Total 911 gives you their top five Porsche 911 steering wheels of all time:

5) Porsche 930 SE sports wheel
Porsche 930 SE sports steering wheel

This three-spoke wheel is simple and compact. It’s small diameter increases the leverage required to turn the steering, while its design is strongly influenced by motorsport items. We wouldn’t have one in red though!

4) 1967 Porsche 911S leather wheel
1967 911S leather steering wheel

Any classic 911 steering wheel could have made this list but, the original 911S’s unit was the first leather wheel to be used in a Porsche 911, setting a trend for future years to come. The ‘hockey puck’ centre is definitely cool too.

3) Porsche Sports Design wheel
Porsche 991 Sport Design steering wheel

First debuting on the second generation 997, the Sports Design wheel is proving a popular option on the Porsche 991. It’s three dual spokes finished in polished silver are modern yet timeless, and it is the ideal size for the latest range of Zuffenhausen interiors.

2) Porsche 911 Carrera/Turbo wheel
911 Carrera steering wheel

The iconic Seventies 911 steering wheel made its debut in 1974 on the 2.7 Carrera and the 3.0 Carrera RS. It’s almost perfect to hold, providing ample leverage on the unassisted 911s of yesteryear. The design of the original 997 steering wheel appears strongly influenced by this iconic item.

1) Porsche 997 GT3 alcantara wheel
Porsche 997 GT3 alcantara steering wheel

Real suede may be king but Alcantara (the synthetic alternative used by Porsche) is hard wearing and full of motorsport influence. The simple three-spoke design with a large circular centre has been kept for the latest generation, while the muted grey finish perfectly complements the stripped back interior of the GT3 models.

Do you agree with our choices? What’s your favourite Porsche 911 steering wheel. Get in contact via the comments section below, or via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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