Time-lapse Video: 993 Turbo S studio photoshoot

Without question, the best proving ground for any car ever built is the road. However, for those occasions when the finer aesthetics of a motoring icon deserve a more intimate platform of affection, there are few locations more rewarding than a photo studio.

Our ultimate guide each issue provides the perfect opportunity to get a 911 in the photo studio, and for our latest issue, our subject was the revered 993 Turbo S. You can indulge in every fact about the last ever air-cooled 911 and delight in our stellar studio photography in issue 99, out now.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy a short time-lapse video showing how we construct such a rewarding photoshoot in the magazine each month, courtesy of Cherryduck Productions. Just click the picture below to watch. Thanks also to Hendon Way Motors for supplying us with their 993 Turbo S, which is for sale now.



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