This video will have you longing for Rennsport Reunion VI

Shot by none other than Jeff Zwart (yes, of Pikes Peak Hillclimb-winning fame), this video from Rennsport Reunion V sums up everything that is so great about Porsche’s motorsport extravaganza.

From the cars to the people, Zwart captures the very essence of the Rennsport Reunion event (held for a second time at Laguna Seca Raceway in California) with some stunning footage from the track and the paddock.

Each Rennsport Reunion takes around four years for Porsche to organise (with each one being touted as ‘the last’ thanks to the huge logistical complexity and ever-increasing value of the cars). That means we’ve got a little while left to wait until Rennsport VI but, thanks to this video, we’re already counting down the days.

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