This video from the 918 Spyder production line is mesmerising

You may remember that last year we went behind the scenes on the Porsche 918 Spyder production line, culminating in our incredible two-part gallery highlighting the build process of Zuffenhausen’s record-breaking hypercar.

Now, all 918 examples are sold out and production has officially finished but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop our infatuation with Porsche’s gorgeous, range-topping hybrid. And, by the looks of things, neither is Porsche.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.17.40

In one of its recent videos, Zuffenhausen takes us on a tour of the now-defunct 918 Spyder production line to watch some of Porsche’s best technicians put together the £652,849 supercar, piece by beautiful piece.

This video may have barely any sound, and the first appearance of a moving car may come right at the end of its 11-minute runtime but that makes it all the more captivating. It’s must-see viewing. Enjoy.

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  • Christopher Zylstra

    wow…. that was hypnotic, relaxing, a little sad (another porsche I cant own irrespective pocket depth) beautiful… aren’t human-beings amazing? I think we’re really awesome sometimes, really awesome. I’m so happy for the techs, who will all tell grandchildren they built the worlds most advanced, best performing yet socially considerate and forward-looking automobile (at the time; let’s hope the 918 no longer holds the title when these folk are telling stories to grandchildren) Thank you Porsche for giving a crap. Yer awesome, almost all the time. ;>}