The forgotten Porsche 911 RS

Carrera 3.0 RS front quarter

Below are a few extracts from the feature, taking a look at this incredibly rare Porsche 911. While the Carrera 2.7 RS may be the iconic Rennsport offering, the 3.0 RS is definitely not a car to forget in a hurry.

As soon as I opened the workshop doors and saw the colour, she won me over. I’m a sucker for any kind of blue 911, and this Mexico Blue hue is absolutely gorgeous.

Away from the colour, we are of course looking at the 3.0 RS. Mention desirable Seventies Porsches to people, and the instant reaction is “2.7 RS,” perhaps closely followed by “917”.

But in among the familiar designations of RSR, RS, RS Touring and the like sits the 3.0 RS, one of the rarest Seventies 911s. Six right-hand-drive cars were built worldwide, five of which were shipped to the UK and one to Australia.

Carrera 3.0 RS rear

They’re so rare that they’re not known by their chassis or registration numbers, but by colour: white, black, red, yellow and this Mexico Blue example.

We’re not able to drive this car today, as it’s about to be returned to its owner. Lord Mexborough is a gentleman of note in Porsche 911 circles, and has just spent a considerable sum having this RS refurbished for the first time in her life.

But it does need to be moved for photography. The 3.0 RS weighed in at just 900kg, making it possible to push with one hand. I open the door and climb inside.

Carrera 3.0 RS interior

The door pulls shut with that featherweight motorsport feel that only super-light cars have. Not a sound deadened ‘thunk’ of BOSE speakers, window motors and airbags, but a purposeful metallic ring.

Those bucket seats are very low backed as you slide into them. Tightly supportive on the lower back and hips, but ending at my shoulder blades, giving a curious feeling of vulnerability.

To read more of this feature, pick up your copy of Total 911 issue 102 from the Imagine Shop. Inside you will also find a plethora of other ‘Rennsport’ articles, as well as an in depth look at the awesome Porsche JLP-3 935 Le Mans racer.

Carrera 3.0 RS front

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