The best Porsche iPhone apps

We love the Apple iPhone almost as much as the 911, so we’ve sought out the best apps to complement our Porsches

Porsche Picture It



An official Porsche app, this allows you to take a photograph of your driveway and then superimpose your dream Porsche on it. You can change the size and angle of the car to create a realistic image. OK, not something you’d want to do every day perhaps, but it’s a bit of fun and surprisingly effective.

There’s also a very brief overview of the basic model range (911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera) but no breakdown of the ranges – so no information on the GT3, for instance.

There’s also the option to schedule a test drive but only if you’re in the USA.

Porsche Archive



Here’s a very own Porsche specialist in your pocket! A comprehensive database of every production Porsche from the first 356 of 1950 to today’s 997 Sport Classic. There are well over 120 models listed.

Each model is given a description, specification, a ‘how to spot’ note and a photograph.

There’s also a handy VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoder, that allows you to retrieve essential data on a particular Porsche.

There are no fancy effects or graphics, just a lot of great information, which is stored on the iPhone so it doesn’t require an Internet connection.




A dyno in your pocket is what this is. Wedge your iPhone into, say, a cupholder and the app will give you 0-60mph times, quarter-mile times, lateral acceleration, speed, braking force, horsepower at the wheel or crank (the latter being an estimate) and much more.

It achieves this by making clever use of the iPhone’s built-in accelerometers to sense the motion of the car. It doesn’t use GPS.

The app’s interface will display a range of graphs and data can be stored, analysed and exported.




A number of turn-by-turn sat nav systems are now available for the iPhone and our favourite so far is from TomTom.

The app effectively turns your iPhone into a fully featured sat-nav system for less than the price of a standalone unit – and you’ll always have it with you.

It offers full postcode input and 3D mapping. At times, it’s a bit sluggish to respond when entering an address but, on the whole, it works as well as a dedicated TomTom sat-nav.

It does eat batteries, though, so an in-car charger is essential, as is a link to play the iPhone through your car stereo, so you can hear the instructions clearly. TomTom’s dedicated cradle is arriving very soon, which will do all this and also improve GPS reception.

Porsche Buying Guide



This is essentially a self-help eBook that explains how you can own the Porsche of your dreams, simply by changing the way you think about car ownership. Choose carefully and a 911 can cost you less than a typical modern family saloon. Inspiring!

There are also brief guides to all the different models of Porsche ever made, and a pain-free overview of the complex numbering and naming methodology given to Porsches over the years. Ideal for newcomers to the marque.

In addition, the app includes brief buying guides to used and new Porsches.

Need for Speed



OK, you may argue there’s no point playing driving games when you’ve got the real McCoy sitting in your garage, but for those moments when you have some time to waste and driving isn’t an option, then Need for Speed takes some beating.

We’ve picked it, not only because it’s one of the best driving games on the iPhone, it also gives a mouthwatering selection of cars to choose from, including a Porsche 997 GT2 and Carrera GT.

The graphics are impressive and the controls are easy to master, relying as they do on the iPhone’s built-in accelerometers. It’ll never match the thrill of driving a real Porsche at high speed, but it does come close.

Best of the rest

A few other iPhone apps that we rate:

Things: Time management app that helps ensure we get Total 911 out on time.

Netnewswire: RSS reader – keep up to date with news sites and blogs, including Total 911’s.

eBay: A great way of tracking those auctions for 911 bits.

Tweetdeck: Twitter client that enables us to keep readers up to speed on our antics.

Converter: So just how fast is 300km/h?

Shazam: Identifies that obscure song on the car radio.

XpenseTracker: Keeps track of all the fuel we put into 911s.

What are your favourite iPhone apps? Do let us know!

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