The 2020 Porsche bucket list

Prime your Porsche and fire up that flat six: this is the year for making the most of your 911. Total 911 presents 20 activities you should do with your Neunelfer in 2020, covering all aspects of the culture surrounding Porsche’s automotive icon. Can you tick them all off in just 365 days?

The year ahead holds much promise for us all: the sunny season will of course bring about plenty of opportunities to get out and drive, but for the big-ticket activities – namely track days and road trips with friends – careful planning will have begun in earnest. 

Daylight hours are getting longer, salt is disappearing from our roads, and already there’s a whiff of anticipation in the air as the year’s early car events take place. At last, summer will soon be on its way.

It’s for this reason we present to you the definitive Porsche bucket list for 2020: our main feature this issue provides you with 20 activities that’ll help you to live your best Porsche life and get the absolute most from your 911 and the thriving culture around it.

Our list has been carefully compiled with the help of fellow enthusiasts to provide a well-rounded year of 911 fun. It’s possible to complete our list with the one 911, regardless of wether it’s old or new, or what model type it may be. So what’s made our top 20? Take a look and find out!

For our full bucket list of things to do with your Porsche in 2020, pick up your copy of Total 911 issue 188 in shops now or get it delivered to your door via here. You can also download a digital copy with high definition bonus galleries to any Apple or Android device.

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