TechArt release power kit for Porsche 991 Turbo

Back in issue 111 of Total 911we revealed that TechArt had released their first tuning package for the Porsche 991 range, as the Leonberg-based firm unveiled their 600hp ‘TA 091/T1’ Power Kit for the latest Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Now, the German tuners have doubled their 991 coverage by opening up the forced induction power boost to the standard 991 Turbo, providing an additional 60hp and 130 Nm to the car’s already impressive power and torque figures.

Like the Turbo S package, the new 911 Turbo Power Kit sees TechArt utilise an additional control unit that simply plugs into the twin-turbocharged engine’s current ECU. This means that de-installation is similarly hassle-free should you want to revert the car to stock specification.


The wireless harness is based around TechArt’s TechTronic Engine Management System and is activated by pushing the Sport or Sport Plus buttons on the 991’s raised centre console.

Raising the 911 Turbo’s total power output to 580hp, with a maximum torque of 710 Nm during the sport modes’ overboost, the latest power kit has enabled TechArt’s tuned 991 Turbo Coupe to hit 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds before topping out at 202mph (325kph).

For more information on TechArt’s TA 091/T1 tuning range visit their website. Alternatively, to read our behind-the-scenes look at TechArt’s HQ, order your copy of Total 911 issue 108 online, or download it straight to your digital device now.


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