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  • Sean Cameron

    Dear Editor,

    Comment on “Total 911”

    As an owner,I am a fan of dedicated Porsche magazines like yours and I frequently find myself selecting “Total 911”.

    “Total 911” is an excellent publication but there are a few comments I would like to offer.

    I have just finished issue 63 and find that a full 30% of pages in the magazine are dedicated full page advertisements (and that is not including the ads on the front and back covers). (Other issues are also around that 30% mark).

    Frankly I think it’s a bit rich asking readers to accept a product with 30% full page ads.

    I do not care how many ads are in the magazine provided it is balanced out with useful content each month. I would think a much fairer proportion for buyers of your product would be a maximum of 25% ads and 75% non-advertising material. We are buying the product after all – it’s not free.

    I am not asking that the ads be reduced – you are running a business – but that the content be increased. That is achievable.

    I appreciate that some of the competitor magazines are the same or worse as far as the article percentage content is concerned. In fact, in one I bought a few months back, the full page ads were about 45% of the issue which is just ridiculous and a rip off.

    Here are some examples of what you could do in terms of added content and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

    1. Readers’ Letters.
    You dedicate pages(usually 4) to “Living the Legend” which is sometimes very good and sometimes a little uninspiring but it is relevant content and not ads. However, as in issue 63, you typically dedicate just 2 pages to readers’ letters (911 Views). Those you publish are always interesting but each month you must receive dozens more that would qualify for publication. Why not expand to at least 4 pages of readers’ letters each month or whatever additional number you think will be of interest to readers.

    2. Q and A
    Some other magazines have a useful technical section where readers can ask questions about problems with their cars and these are replied to by qualified competent technicians.

    Why not in Total 911? Why do readers have to buy other magazines to get this feature?

    This is always interesting content and also alerts owners on the types of problems they may encounter with their cars. As we all know, Porsches are far from perfect cars despite the price.(See 5 also).

    A downside to this suggestion might be cost.

    3. Basic Maintenance.

    Why not a section each month on mechanical “how to” tasks on various 911 models? This is a piece of cake. I am not talking about difficult tasks here but those that can be done by owners who have basic competence and the basic tools. How many owners are there that cannot even change the engine oil or oil filter on their 996 or 997 when it is not that difficult to do at home, let alone bleed the brakes or flush the cooling system on “fluid” cooled models and so forth? How many know they can buy a well engineered adapter for 996/997 (to MY2008) cars that allows you to run a steel spin on oil filter instead of the silly porsche cartridge style one.

    If you could not easily fill 4-5 pages with valuable information on “How to” each month, at minimal cost to the magazine, you would not be trying. (Of course one or two blinkered or one eyed advertisers might knock you for this).

    4. Editorials.

    I always look forward to reading interesting editorials by experienced and intelligent people like Mr Fennelly. For one, his comments/contributions are always excellent. Yet these editorials are limited to just 1 page per contributor each month. I am sure your contributors would have much more to say each month if they could be given more mag space.

    5. Technical

    Why not a feature each month dealing with some typical technical issues with various models. This may be significant wear and tear issues or design flaws that may cause early failures that owners need to address or be wary of or just key maintenance items. Once again it should be easy to fill 2-4 paqes each month.

    6. Vehicle Improvements

    Why not a section each month on enhancements that owners can make to their cars. This topic is huge in scope (and if covered has the potential to attract additional advertising revenue). As there are a variety of 911 models there should never be a shortage of interesting content available.

    These are just a few limited ideas on interesting content which could add 16 or more pages to the magazine each month. I have more but I am sure you have dozens.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your publication.

    Best regards,

    Sean Cameron.