Take a 360-degree ride in Magnus Walker’s #277 Porsche 911 hot rod

Yes, we know. We post about Magnus Walker, his cars and his videos a bit. However, it isn’t the subject of his latest video (filmed by eGarage) that has us interested. After all, we’ve all seen his infamous #277 Porsche 911 hot rod before.

Instead, it is the technology that eGarage has used to film this short film that has captured our attention. Using a Ricoh Theta S 360 camera, you can take a fully-immersive, 360-degree ride along with the Urban Outlaw as he heads from downtown Los Angeles up into the canyon roads.

The resolution of this particular offering is best viewed on a mobile device but, with 360-degree cameras becoming more and more popular, we can’t wait to get our hands on one and start filming some similarly spherical videos. Enjoy.

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